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Expert Doc. Claudia Díaz from Boston, shares her knowledge and 12 years of experience working with Cancer patients and tell us how important are gens and lifestyle INTERVIEW CLAUDIA´S THEORY
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Preventing injuries in Yoga
Yoga has become very popular. We all know that it is not just a physical activity and has so many other propose than just moving your body. Even though, Yoga
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“All you need is Time and Space for yourself” You are too busy and trapped in a certain lifestyle that
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Men´s Health and Cosmopolitan are a couple of the magazines with which I have collaborated in the last few years.
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ADJUSTING METHODOLOGIES How to take care of the people at the end of the class. YOGA HEALING MASSAGE: YHM –
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WATER-SHIATSU is a massage while floating in hot water, where the therapist supports and moves the receiver with different protocols
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Osteopathy is the science and the art of diagnosing and  treating the mobility dysfunction of the human body tissues, that
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Recently eating properly has become one of the most attractive aspects of health. But also it can be a controversial
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A way to learn intensively and focus on a particular field during a short space of time, normally weekends or
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A technique created by a man called Joseph Pilates who fused Gymnastics, Body lifting, Martial Arts, Yoga and Graham contemporary
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More than 10 years as a personal trainer, working with different bodies to give them the shape my clients were
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100 / 200 / 240 / 300 TTC
During the last 2 years I have been part of the team of three Yoga brands, recognized by Yoga Alliance,
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What is physical therapy? Physics applied to therapy Electrotherapy: Light, sound, laser, ultrasound, radio frequency, infrared, microwaves, etc. Manual therapies:
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We promote projects and initiatives related to sustainability. Creating new and different content to transmit the message of how to
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We promote projects and initiatives related to sustainability. Creating new and different content to transmit the message of how to make this world a better place through social inclusion, economic development and respect for the environment.

Our initiative developing and supporting media projects related to sustainability, make us different from other organizations and production companies. We believe that it is through media that we can reach the most amount of people to make them be more conscious and aware of the important concept that is sustainability.

We like to entertain, to make people enjoy their time and educate with our messages.

Please check out our web site  to see who we are and what we do.

Why Yoga and Sustainability!? 
We are all familiarize with the Yoga concept, even if we just know a little bit about it, when we hear this word we perceive a feeling of peace, respect, love, knowledge and union. Yoga is a millenary "science" based on the practical experience and the developing of the human being and it´s relationship with each other, the planet earth and the universe. During the last 20 years the concept of sustainability has been also developing and becoming more popular, maybe a more technical and sophisticated concept focused on a "suitable" and appropriate developing of humanity in this planet.

If we compare both Yoga and Sustainability, we realice that this three points are part of the goals of society today, they are the foundations of a more sustainable society and therefore a great goal to reach for all of us. The same way Yoga helps to develop people in this direction, It makes us more aware of nature and how we treat it, how we behave with other animals and spices or how we use the resources.

We become more tolerable and respectful with other cultures and races. We work on acceptance and instead of competing we share. There is no difference between a jew and a catholic while practicing Yoga, a buddhist and a protestant doing pranayama is the same and asian and latin have the same ethical principals.

Also economic development is one important point in society today, and our style of living needs certain conditions, trying to "live simple lives to allow other people simply to live"  and this is another great lesson that we get from Yoga and Sustainability.

We are uniting two concepts, one that started thousands of years ago and another one that just started to develop it´s potential. Together we believe that human being can make this or any other planet a better place to live.



· PHD in PHYSICAL THERAPY, Alfonso X, University, Madrid. 96´- 99´
· 4 Years OSTEOPATHY School, ECO Osteopathy School, Madrid. 97´- 00
· 2 Years SPORT SCIENCE Professional Education. S.F. Institute. Spain. 95´- 96´
· Sttot PILATES and Reebok University Pilates certificate. Madrid 97´
· PERSONAL TRAINER license. Body Building Spanish Association, Madrid. 96´.
· WATSU PRACTITIONER with WABA, San Francisco , CA, USA. 98´
· 500 Hours YOGA TTC Certificate by Yoga Alliance, India. 2010´
· 100 hour Thai Massage course. c.k. massage school thailand

I consider my self a sport freak. I always had to be running, skiing, biking or playing footbalI. I started dancing ballet when I was 14, I had good skills for it. My flexibility was not normal for a boy, so I also got into Karate and Judo, which require lots of flexibility and strenght. Then I have to decide what to do with my professional life and I decided to get into Sport Science when I became 18. One year later I got into Univ for Physical Therapy. During the following years I joined several other courses and educations and decide to get into Osteopathy School in Madrid. Meanwhile I was a contemporary dancer, collaborating with several choreographers, tv productions and other shows for many years. Travelled the world dancing in NY, Paris, London, Rome or Denmark. Pilates education was my next step and combining PT and dance was perfect. Later on I moved to France and worked as a PT for almost a year. One of my first Yoga practice was in 2005 when I went to San Francisco and got my Watsu certificate. It was in Harbin Hotsprings when I first tried a Hatha Yoga Class and felt the magic of it. Watsu also took me to Spa, Belgium and the Canary Islands where I complete my education.
When I came back to Madrid I got into acting school where I got a Psychology education on Gestalt and after this started working in Lopez Ibor Psychiatric Hospital for a couple of years. Worked at the Fibromyalgia Spanish Association. One job after the other for many years,I developed a Pilates, mind and body department for Rebook Sports Club and managed a Hotel Spa in the middle of Madrid. this were my last two experiences before opening my own Clinic. Fitroomclinic, with an holistic team of Doctors, Coaches, Psychologists, Trainers, Optometrists, Healers and Yogis.Working all together for the good of the patients. This patients were coming from different ranges of society, from actors and pop stars to Psychiatric or Fibromyalgia young and old patients. Also several recognize doctors , Ambassador of the USA ( James Costos) or her Majesty Leticia the Queen of Spain.
When I stop dancing to work for many hours a day in Fitroomclinic, I started getting deeper into Yoga and I end up in Rishikesh and Dharamsala, India. Went back to Spain, closed my clinic after 6 years and created a Sustainable company, Save Horizon. I moved to India where I teach Anatomy and Biomechanics in Yoga. At the moment I also travel a lot to Thailand where I teach workshops and TTC´s. My purpose is to bring modern Science and Yoga together, to include this millenarian practice into the medical system as a preventive and healthy habit. Bringing sustainability concept into the education is also one of my goals and this is the main purpose of my next project in Dharamsala, United World of Yoga, a School of Yoga and Sustainability, educating peoples body, mind and teaching healthy habits also for the good of the planet.
Adress: Mengrai, Phaya Mengrai District, Chiang Rai Province 57290
Telephone: 00 66 087 379 9198