We promote projects and initiatives related to sustainability. Creating new and different content to transmit the message of how to make this world a better place through Social inclusion, economic development and respect for the environment. Our initiative developing and supporting media projects related to sustainability, make us be different from the rest of organizations Read more about YOGA AND SUSTAINABILITY[…]

Nutrition and the modern World

Nutrition and the modern World Recently eating properly has become one of the most interesting and aspects of health. But also it can be a controversial subject. Our conversations today are about: What, when or how much we should eat. What we should not eat. This food is bad for you. This superfood will make Read more about Nutrition and the modern World[…]

Personal training. Should I hire one?

Personal training. Should I hire one? We all want to feel better, live longer and look as good as possible. During the last years, society has gone through a lot of changes and we have increase our life expectancy a lot. Science keeps evolving and our quality life is getting better and better. We look Read more about Personal training. Should I hire one?[…]


Men´s Health and Cosmopolitan are a couple of the magazines with which I have collaborated in the last few years. I’ve also written articles for magazines specializing in heart disease and cholesterol for different associations. Recently, I have opened a new You Tube Channel and you can find some interesting articles and interviews. How to Read more about SOCIAL MEDIA HEALTH CARE ADVISOR[…]

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