Men´s Health and Cosmopolitan are a couple of the magazines with which I have collaborated in the last few years. I’ve also written articles for magazines specializing in heart disease and cholesterol for different associations.

Recently, I have opened a new You Tube Channel and you can find some interesting articles and interviews.

  • How to train properly?
  • Which is the best diet?
  • How do we lose those kg that we don’t need?
  • What is to be healthy?
  • How to change your daily habits?
  • How to improve your energy?
  • Is Yoga better than Pilates

These are some of the questions we all have and want to learn about health. We all want to know how to improve our lifestyle.

Years of experience treating, studying, teaching, researching, sharing and communicating, that is what we like to do, advise people how to be healthier and we try to use every channel to reach as many people as possible, through the Internet, gyms, workshops, clinics, magazines, documentaries, you tube channels, videos, etc.

We are trying to generate consciousness and awareness of health.

We like to talk about the latest studies in nutrition, the most advanced techniques for rehabilitation or the coolest way of exercising your body. We like to update and share with our friends all kind of different tools or ways to be healthier. Sharing and influencing others how to live a healthy and energetic life style.

We love to collaborate with other people and studies to discover new perspectives and also to make the information more available and easier to understand for everyone.

Please if you would like to develop a project, documentary or a magazine related with health, write us an email and we will be glad to collaborate and be part of it.


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