Recently eating properly has become one of the most attractive aspects of health. But also it can be a controversial subject. Our conversations are about:

  • What we should eat.
  • What we should not eat.
  • This food is bad for you.
  • This superfood will make you feel like a superhero.
  • You have to eat 5 times a day.
  • Fasting is good for you.

“We are what we eat” by GRANDE COBIAN

“Let food be your medicine and the medicine be your food” by HIPÓCRATES

Many sentences from new studies and also form thousands of years old conclusions, confirm that this important act of the human being has always been critical for the health and survival of the species.

We will teach you how to eat and get the proper amount of nutrition and vitamins and how to get as vital as possible to keep ourselves healthy, productive and long-lived.

But also a way of being more conscious and aware of the connection that we have with other species and nature. We should not forget that eating is a ceremony and all the physiological benefits that are hiding in a family meal, a celebration or cooking for a friend. Enjoying eating is one great step to being a healthy person, enjoying proper eating is what we offer you:  learn to cook, combine species and nutrients, shop or order the best meal wherever you are and depending on your needs.  Always enjoying the tastes, the flavors, the textures and the different sensations that each food brings to our mouth.

We want to prepare you to have the skills to make a balanced meal anywhere you are, taking into account the nutrients and variations of the dishes. Even if you are going to cook or if you are shopping in the supermarket or ordering in a restaurant, you will choose the best option for that specific moment of the day getting the most balanced meal possible.


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