How osteopathy can prevent and take care of yoga injuries

How osteopathy can prevent and take care of yoga injuries

Osteopathy is the science and the art of diagnosing and treating the mobility dysfunction of the human body tissues, that cause disorders and disturb the state of health of the organism.

As far as Osteopahy is an holistic way of conceiving the body, that joins mechanical and empiric studies from western science with eastern philosophies like Chinese medicine, acupuncture, enneagram, kinesiology and many other technics, I think is a perfect combination that shares a lot of the phylosophy from the Vedas. It fuses both perspectives of health for an optimum use of the energy.

Osteopathy observes the body not only from a physical perspective but also from an emotional and a nutritional point. We believe that emotions have a big biochemical reaction inside of the body, creating physical patterns, stiffness or producing certain hormones that stress the body and creates unstable situations.

As you know, Yoga is not only about how flexible and strong you are but about the attitude of your practice. How you eat, how you move, how you think, how you express, how you relate with others, all this and many other points are being shared by both technics and this is why it makes Osteopathy and your osteopath the perfect partner to stay away from the doctor, pills, or any unbalance situation in your lifestyle.

It is very well known that actual medicine takes care of the symptoms but not the root of the illness. This way of observing and “healing” the body is a vicious circle where patients get trapped in the need and consequences of the meds or pills. We are not against the medical treatments and we do not want to go against doctors themselves but with the system that force them to follow this protocols and give only this solutions.

Osteopathy is based on prevention, it is based on your habits and how this affect your emotional and physical body. Sometimes we think we are eating and moving healthy, but we might be wrong. What is good for you might not be good for others. What you eat can be very significant to your physical body as to your emotional responses. A problem in your knees might get better just because the way you eat. A problem on your low back might be related with the way you relate with your environment and everything gets more and more sophisticated. All this needs time and capacity to related different subjects and concepts that normally doctors do not have. Think about it. Have you ever talk to a doctor for more than 20 minutes per consultation?

If we talk about the muscle skeletal system, osteopathy is the King. There is no other professional that can understand your body position or the way you move better than an osteopath. from your feet to your jaw or skulk, everything is connected and related in the human body.

Check out this list and discover the main injuries where osteopathy can assist a yoga practitioner and avoid injuries and sickness:

  • Back pain and issues.
  • Radiated pain in arms and legs.
  • Digestive system problems.
  • Inflammatory process.
  • Migraines and headaches.
  • Bruxism.
  • Nutrition disorders.
  • Endocrine problems.

Combining yoga and osteopathy will improve your practice and your health, while you are being supported and “educated” by health professional with a global understanding of the human being.

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