How Yoga and physical therapy look alike?

How Yoga and physical therapy look alike?

Physical therapy is Physics applied to therapy

A physical therapist is a health professional, with scientific preparation and enough skills to describe, identify, treat and compare different health problems which could be addressed with Physical Therapy

All of this considers the individual in three dimensions: biologically, psychologically and socially.(White book/Libro blanco Título de Grado de fisioterapia, pg. 92).

As a Physical therapist and a yoga instructor I keep finding more and more similarities in both methods. Yoga is an old science and the last years it has become more and more popular.

It was a method only for hippies during the 60´s and 70´s. Physical therapy is not and old technic, it was during the end of the 70´s beginning of the 80´s when PT is accepted into the health system.

The first professionals were mainly nurses that turn into a more dynamic way of treating the injuries and health issues. PT has a wide range of pathologies where you can use it. Organ disfunctions; rehabilitation after surgery; neurological disorders; geriatric issues and many other health protocols into the health system.

During the last 10 years, both Yoga and PT have increase their demand and today are part of the population´s favourite ways to take care of themselves. Is very common today in the developed countries, to be able to get a PT session or a Yoga class in your work office, to find a Yoga studio or a PT clinic in any corner or read articles about the benefits of both technics in any magazine.

This are some of the example why I think Yoga and PT are alike:

  1. In PT we use Electrotherapy: Light, sound, laser, ultrasound, radio frequency, infrared, microwaves, etc.In Yoga we use white light and the light spectrum to heal. Red light therapy is becoming more popular in the western countries and is being used by doctors and Medtech companies. Sound is one of the most important parts of a Yoga practice. As Vedas believe that we all come from a big OHM, they believe that waves and vibration are a great tool for healing.
  2. In PT we use heat, cold, water, mud, and other natural tools to heal. Yoga and ayurveda has used nature to heal since the beginning of times. Probably methods are not as sophisticated as they used to be but the effects are basically the same.
  3. Breathing technics are use in respiratory PT to improve health style on patients with immune system deficiency or chronic pathologies or even elderly people for several purposes.Pranayama is part of the original Yoga methods to reach altered states of mind, clean your respiratory channels and increase global health. There are many ways of practicing and there is a long list of benefits added to it.
  4. Movement is also a way of treatment, heal or make people have a better lifestyle. Passive movements, eccentrics, stretching, cardiovascular exercise, GPR (global postural reeducation), etc.Yoga has it´s most well known method. Asana or also called “the sacred postures”. Some people call them psychoemotional postures. While working with the patients , clients or
    students in a holistic way. All these techniques are meant to work on the different layers of the tissues and are empirically proven on real patients, recognized by worldwide health systems and organizations.

So let’s say mobilizing tissues is the clue for a healthier and more effective body. From the heart of the cell to the technique of a movement. Regenerating and oxygenising the tissues for a better recovery or empower your skills for your daily life.

So we can say that Physical therapy is an evolution in a way of all the protocols and technics that have been used in Yoga for several hundred years.


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