A technique created by a man called Joseph Pilates who fused Gymnastics, Body lifting, Martial Arts, Yoga and Graham contemporary dance style to create a method that controls the movements from breathing and keeps the concentration of the individual in every single movement and breath. Focusing on the control of the core, abdominal and waist muscles that connect the ribcage with the pelvis, mobilizing organs and controlling the diaphragm and pelvic floor simultaneously for better adaptability of the body posture and fluid mobility of the structure and organs.

Bringing awareness to breathing, studying the anatomy, understanding the mechanic and moving your body consciously, improves health, the possibility of getting injuries reduce and your body changes for a better and more effective  functional activity

The interest and popularity of Pilates is increasing worldwide. In addition to being used in fitness programs, it is also used in some rehabilitation programs. Scientific research and clinical evidence have confirmed the benefits of Pilates exercise.

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