Pilates evolves from Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Graham

Pilates evolves from Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Graham

Should I do Pilates or Yoga? What is better?

This is one of the questions that I normally get from my students, patients or clients. Well that depends a lot depending on what is better for you, what are your goals, skills and limitations. Today Pilates has evolved a lot and lots of health professionals like Physical therapists or sports science and also expert dancers have set high standards and you can find very good teachers and instructors with years of experience working with the body!

A technique created by a man called Joseph Pilates who fused Gymnastics, Body lifting, Martial Arts, Yoga and Graham ( contemporary dance style that Mart Graham developed ) to create a method that controls the movements and posture keeps the focus of the individual in every single movement and every single breath. Focusing on the control of the core, abdominal and waist muscles that connect the ribcage with the pelvis, mobilising organs and controlling the diaphragm and pelvic floor simultaneously for better adaptability of the body posture and fluid mobility of the structure
and organs.

Yoga is way more complex when it gets to the the asana or the pranayama practice. Specially the twisted positions, the bending back and forward or even the way pranayamas are explained or understood. The asana practice has not been analysed or explored well enough yet and most of the time the classes are packed, compared to the few people that we normally have in a Pilates class, what makes easier to take care of our students.

Here there is a little list of what I would have in mind while deciding if you should do one or the other:

  1. Try both methods at least for one month, three times per week to see what it suits you best.
  2. If you have a back injury, Pilates is 99% safer and better practice. One of the main reasons is the change for the teacher to take care of less people.
  3. Pilates is great to combine with other sports. Running, lift weighting, football, tennis, swimming.
  4. If you are looking for an specific mind set and work on your inner peace learning to stay focus, yoga is a wisdom way to do it. Sometimes the results are instant, sometimes it takes a little bit to let go.
  5. Pilates is for people that is a bit skeptical and yoga is for people that is more open to subtle concepts and energies. Neither better nor worse, is just different approaches to get to know ourselves better
  6. Pilates is a very specific and analytic technique and Yoga is a very wide and endless wisdom live style. So it depends how much you want to learn from what?
  7. The interest and popularity of Pilates is increasing worldwide. In addition to being used in fitness programs, it is also used in some rehabilitation protocols. Scientific research and clinical evidence have confirmed the benefits of Pilates exercise and practice..

So we could conclude that Pilates is way more professionalized than Yoga at the moment. The educations are more strict and demanding referring to health issues and injury prevention. But the wisdom of Yoga is wider than the more simplistic perspective of Physical therapy.

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