• ADJUSTING METHODOLOGIES How to take care of the people at the end of the class.
    • YHM – MASSAGE THERAPY LEVEL 1 – Localizing the injury, touching and loosening muscles
    • YHM – MASSAGE THERAPY LEVEL 2 Proper treatment, Healing protocol, alternatives.
    • YHM – MASSAGE THERAPY LEVEL 3   Several Healing protocols and injury prevention.

Yoga has become a very easy way to get injured while practicing. Our duty as teachers and health professionals is to prevent this and also to give those bodies, stability, strength, resistance and flexibility to avoid secondary effects. Even so there will be injuries, it is almost impossible to practice any physical activity during your life and not get injured.

  • Learn how to heal
  • Understand the body
  • Most common disorders
  • Why do we get injured?
  • Why do we get sick?
  • Movements and actions we should avoid.
  • Being able to recognize injuries.
  • Protocols for evaluation
  • Therapeutical Techniques

Healing is more than just giving a massage or learning choreography. To heal is to know the anatomy; to heal is to listen to the needs of the person you have in front of you, to heal is to let our intuition give us answers without judging; to heal is to associate information for the benefit and the development of the patient/student. This information comes from the anatomy, the physiology, the biology, the biomechanics, the habits and the experiences or even the fears of the person. All this Information has to be related and used in the right sequence to reach a proper diagnosis and the respective treatment.


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