WATER-SHIATSU is a massage while floating in hot water, where the therapist supports and moves the receiver with different protocols and fluid movements that relax the both the physical body and nervous system.

Watsu was created and developed by Californian Harold Dull, who is currently active teaching and leading workshops and formations all around the globe.

The magic of Watsu, is the confidence that the patient places in the practitioner and how this enables the practitioner to transmit support and trust with love and respect. The receiver also wears floatation devices on their legs that give them more support and helps maintain their body on the water surface for better adaptability and practice of the therapist.

Over the last few years this technique has started to become more well-known and the experience of receiving this treatment appreciated as it is unique and far different from any other therapeutic technique. The main difficulty in practicing Watsu is that a hot water pool or a natural hot spring is needed.

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