Watsu and the art of letting go…

Watsu and the art of letting go…

If you are into Yoga and alternative therapies then you should know this method. It is probably one of the most relaxing and comforting massages you could ever get.

WATER-SHIATSU is a massage while floating in hot water, where the therapist supports and moves the receiver with different protocols and fluid movements that relax the both the physical body and nervous system. Watsu was created and developed by Californian Harold Dull, he was active teaching and leading workshops and educations all around the globe during many years until he died a few years ago.

The magic of Watsu, is the confidence that the patient has on the practitioner and how this enables the practitioner to transmit support and trust with love and respect. The receiver also wears flotation devices on their legs that give them more support and helps maintain their bodies on the water surface for better adaptability and practice of the therapist.

Why is Watsu a great body work for people who practices Yoga ?

  • As Yoga looks for a confortable and stable position for the body, Watsu has the support of the therapist and the water to give the person the confidence and stability they need.
  • Yoga´s main propose is to reach an altered state of mind, from a relaxed body and a inner an outer awareness. Watsu relaxes your mind, helps you to connect with the water element and the therapist, so it is also working in and out.
  • Asana work requires the body to be relax and adaptable for different poses, stretching the muscles, tendons and softs tissues with a safe and confortable alignment for the joins and bones.
  • Thanks to the hot water and the skills of the patient, the range of movement of the joins is normally higher than the regular one but keeps more control because the practitioner awareness of the person who has in it´s arms.
  • Sometimes Yoga overuses our muscles and overstretch the ligaments. Watsu is a great tool to let this tissues rest and recover after several days of intense Yoga.
  • The compression of the water on the body tissues helps the homeostasis phenomenon and the body circulation works more fluently, activating it´s cleaning processes
  • Most of the work is done while the patient/receiver is in an horizontal position, even though there are a few sited poses, when the body is aligned with the water, all the systems balance in calm and the blood circulation works in a more effective way.

“ Watsu is delectable to receive, beautiful to see and healer to give “.

As Yoga does, Watsu requires a lot of practice if you want to learn how to do it, even if you do a little bit of it, the feeling you get is very healing and restorative. But also the more you do it the more skills and mobility that you can get with the body.

It is not easy to find places where Watsu can be done because it requires several conditions.

  • Hot water pool.
  • Still water.
  • Calm space.
  • Freedom to move.
  • Patience with an open mind.

One of the inconvenience of Watsu is that ir requires a lot of trust and respect from both parts. The full connection person to person, with a swimming suit on, can make people think twice about receiving this treatment. We understand as therapist that no everyone has the same mind set to accept certain ways to approach our patients so we have to transmit how professionals we are with the whole process. From the marketing, texts, images and steps we take to make people get into the water with a “ complete stranger “ we need to be extremely careful and thankful for the initiative of each patient that accepts this personal challenge.

“ We are 80 % water. It makes total sense that our healing process goes through it “

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