A way to learn intensively and focus on a particular field during a short space of time, normally weekends or during the week. We delve deeper into specific skills or subjects and enable people to take a big step into them. Teaching is divided into theory and practice, making education, fun, attractive and practical.

Some of the workshops we are presently giving around the world:


These are some of the subjects that we like to share with our students and people interested in going deeper into certain topics.

At present we have already given workshops in Spain, India and Thailand. We like to collaborate with people, Schools, Yoga Centers, Festivals or any organization who wants to spread the word of Yoga and Sustainability from a professional perspective.


100 / 200 / 240 / 300 TTC

Over the last 2 years I have been part of the teams of three Yoga School brands recognized by Yoga Alliance, in India and Thailand. Trimurti Yoga School, Sarvaguna Meditation Yoga Center and Ananda Yoveda Shala. Next year I will also collaborate with United World of Yoga in Dharamsala and Amanda Dee Yoga in Spain. I have been the principal teacher for Anatomy and Biomechanics, Vinyasa, sequencing, alignment and adjustment.

I pay special attention to injury prevention during yoga practice and the therapeutical approach of my education offers a different perspective to what is available on the market at the moment.

I like to prepare teachers for good and constant self-practice, understanding other people´s bodies and developing healing skills to help the students.

Working as part of a team is one of the most interesting and developing processes of my career.  Without other professionals our work becomes less attractive, effective and humanitary. We learn from each other, sharing, talking, discussing and creating.

Safe Yoga practice is our purpose along with continuing education, we believe that we should not stop learning in our personal careers, Yoga is an endless path towards awareness and truth.

“A Yoga teacher today is a real profession with endless opportunities”

We want you to learn and take your life on a new path and guide you and inspire you to where you really want to be.

Schools, Apps, Yoga centers, You tube Videos, Classes, Teaching, Workshops, the possibilities to work and make your lifestyle part of the Yoga Universe are enormous nowadays and you have just started out on a voyage of discovery.

Take a look at my schedule and find out which of my TTC´s throughout the year fits best with your circumstances.


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