Trained and patient during 4 years

Fer is a very special personal trainer. He is a natural and he loves sports and combines it with weight lifting, but he is not obese with body lifting. He is a sensitive  and spiritual person and knows how to guide you physical and mentally during the training. Even when you are suffering he has a positive word or a energizing gesture that makes you continue. He loves people and knows how to take care of them. And the best thing is that maybe one day when you are really tired, he will massage you at the end of the training as a reward of the effort. He is also an excellent physical therapist.

Fer es un entrenador personal especial. Además de ser un deportista nato, que no un culturista, es una persona sensible y espiritual que te sabe acompañar física y mentalmente a lo largo de tu entrenamiento. Con un gran don de gentes, las horas, a pesar del esfuerzo, son más llevaderas. Y si algún día terminas para el arrastre, te puede caer un masaje de regalo, ya que también es fisioterapeuta. Vale la pena.

Barcelona, Spain

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