JUAN ANTONIO ESCUDERO (Chief of Staff of the Registrar, International Criminal Court, The Hague)

Fernando was my personal trainer for almost two years until I moved to another country 4 years ago. What I like about Fernando is his holistic approach of considering body, mind and spirit together.  Also, his understanding of the importance of balance in life, and of a good nutrition.  If you are looking for someone to get pumped up using steroids, Fernando is just not your guy. In addition to all this, the sessions were hugely entertaining with Fernando´s tolerant, laid back and loving way of discussing all kind of topics. He also showed always flexibility to accommodate changes in the schedule or any other issues I might have.  Needless to say, we became friends. My body still looks great after 4 years although I barely have time for much sport anymore, and I think I am also a better person as a result of our working out together and our friendship.

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