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20 Years of experience in the Health Business, creating and developing projects all over the world. Looking for new opportunities and ideas to make people´s life healthier and happier. If you are interested in investing time and money into creating your own business related with health, let us study your possibilities and advise you of the best options according to your skills, circumstances and goals. A mix of experience, passion and creativity makes our team a perfect partner for you and your new adventure.

In 2004 I created and developed the “Body and Mind department” at Rebook Sports Club La Finca in Madrid, one of the biggest and most spectacular sport centers in Europe. Sports celebrities like Raúl González or Feliciano López, artists like Shakira or Alaska are some of their clients. During my three years there, I applied all my knowledge as a Physical therapist, Pilates instructor and Personal trainer. But I also saw all the possibilities and potential of the ZEN concept and how important this was going to be in the future. Creating a spectacular and productive Pilates and Gyrotonic  Shala from a wasted lounge area.

When I left Rebook, I received an offer to be the Manager at Hotel de las Letras Spa. One of the finest and most elegant Hotels in downtown Madrid. The Spa offered a vast number of quality services related to massage, beauty treatments and health professionals like physical therapists and osteopaths. One sauna and one Turkish bath, one hot pool and two treatment rooms where just some of the facilities. We also served in the 70 rooms that the hotel has for their clients.

Two years later I started working at Lopez Ibor Psychiatric Hospital where I created the Movement department. We developed a concept named SPE (Salute per Exercise). Psychiatric patients came daily to the area and practiced different kinds of body and breathing exercises. The benefits to their anxiety and stress levels and concentration skills were really significant and the Hospital is enlarging this at the moment.

In 2009 I fulfilled a personal dream that had just been a written project for years and finally became real in November that year, after a lot of effort and waiting. FITROOMCLINIC was a holistic center where clients and patients were analyzed from the different perspectives of Doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, trainers, yogis and nutritionists. Located in the heart of Madrid we had the latest and most advanced technology for rehabilitation like INDIBA (radiofrequency), FIT VEST (electrostimulation) or portable ultrasound for diagnosis. We had online support where people could train and order their meal. The Spanish governmental entity “La Cámara de Comercio” supported us as one of the most interesting projects for entrepreneurs one year later.

Currently I am developing a Yoga and Sustainability school project. The first school is going to be opened in Dharamsala and investors in Thailand and Switzerland are also getting involved.


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