HEIDI (Yoga Teacher, Belgium)

Fernando Diaz is a skilled osteopath to say the least. It is pretty obvious when you are on his ‘table’, that his knowledge does not come solely out of physio books and study but rather from a myriad of sources, from a deep knowledge of the physical body to state the evident, but also from his personal elaborate history with movement and a deep-rooted curiosity towards the world and the knowledge it offers from various other disciplines. He incorporates what he knows into a steady hand which makes you feel safe at all times. He knows what he is doing, basically. My issue lay quite deep into the pelvic floor and the treatment could have been experienced as painful, but that is not at all what I walked out of the door with. His treatment worked on all three planes (physical, emotional, mental) and I left knowing myself better on all three planes as well. He actually taught me something new, and gave me food for the development of my body and physical practice. Given the long history I have of working with my body as a dancer and yoga teacher, it was a remarkable experience. I respect his work and approach tremendously and would advice him to any student who’d come to me with issues.

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