JAMES SEDLACEK (Computer programmer ) Yoga Student during 200 TTC

I first met Fernando in Goa, India at Sarvaguna Yoga where was teaching Vinyasa and Anatomy. From the moment he started to teach his first class, there were 2 important elements that were obvious. First was his incredibly kind loving spirit. The second was his patience and knowledge. I was able to understand and relate Read more about JAMES SEDLACEK (Computer programmer ) Yoga Student during 200 TTC[…]

BARBARA SCHMUCKER (Pilates and Yoga teacher)

Student during 200 TTC I Had deeply enjoyed Fernando’s classes. I’m happy to recommend his vinyasa style which is formed by his passion in fluent movements, wide knowledge in anatomy, his creative and dynamic character as well as his deep understanding of the body’s sensitivity and functionality. Fernando increases constantly the intensity to let you Read more about BARBARA SCHMUCKER (Pilates and Yoga teacher)[…]

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