HEIDI (Yoga Teacher, Belgium)

Fernando Diaz is a skilled osteopath to say the least. It is pretty obvious when you are on his ‘table’, that his knowledge does not come solely out of physio books and study but rather from a myriad of sources, from a deep knowledge of the physical body to state the evident, but also from […]

JUAN ANTONIO ESCUDERO (Chief of Staff of the Registrar, International Criminal Court, The Hague)

Fernando was my personal trainer for almost two years until I moved to another country 4 years ago. What I like about Fernando is his holistic approach of considering body, mind and spirit together.  Also, his understanding of the importance of balance in life, and of a good nutrition.  If you are looking for someone to get pumped up using […]

BARBARA SCHMUCKER (Pilates and Yoga teacher)

Student during 200 TTC I Had deeply enjoyed Fernando’s classes. I’m happy to recommend his vinyasa style which is formed by his passion in fluent movements, wide knowledge in anatomy, his creative and dynamic character as well as his deep understanding of the body’s sensitivity and functionality. Fernando increases constantly the intensity to let you […]


Trained and patient during 4 years Fer is a very special personal trainer. He is a natural and he loves sports and combines it with weight lifting, but he is not obese with body lifting. He is a sensitive  and spiritual person and knows how to guide you physical and mentally during the training. Even […]


Trained and patient during 4 years To train with Fer has always been very motivating, his energy, his improvements and the good vibes he transmits as a friend while training. And thats what he is, a friend,  a trainer and a great profesional. Entrenar con Fer siempre ha sido motivador, su energía, su superación, el […]


Trained and patient during 3 years I know fernando for a long long time, exactly since century II BC… Then he used to train me for HISPANIA, a tv show from Antena 3 that was based in Rome. I could say so many good things about Fernando, great profesional, charismatic, sensitive! Basically a great guy! […]